Flippa Ball

Flippa Ball is non-contact water polo for children aged 12 years and under. The program is designed to help players new to the game of water polo establish the confidence and basic skills required to play the game in a fun but safe and controlled environment.

Flippa Ball is a modified version of Water Polo with some rule changes such as played in shallow water, it offers participants the opportunity to stand on the bottom of the pool which allows them the opportunity to rest if required. Participants can not walk with they ball, they must swim. They may catch the ball with two hands but all passing and shooting must occur with one hand only.


Where can I play Flippa Ball?

The following water polo clubs/associations and swim schools are providers of Flippa Ball. 

Please contact the club for more information on their program (specific times/dates).  Click on the club’s link to register your child.

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